Meet the Leadership Team

The Mentoring Program would be nothing without the outstanding community leaders who had such passion for the program that they decided to step up and help improve and manage it. 
  1. Allison Morgan
    Program Advisor
  2. Alyx Van Doren
    Mentee Coordinator
  3. Morgan McNally
    Mentor Coordinator
  4. Steven Reed
    Mentor Leader
  5. Taryn Richards
    Mentor Leader
  6. Tori Velasquez
    Mentor Leader
  7. Carley Heath
    Mentor Leader
  1. Ally Hartshorn
    Ally Hartshorn
  2. Pam Sera
    Pam Sera
  3. Ryan Hayworth
    Ryan Hayworth
  4. Rachael Piotrowski
    Rachael Piotrowski
  5. Sydney Garcia-Graige
    Sydney Garcia-Graige
  6. Tanner Hauptman
    Tanner Hauptman
  7. Marcos Rosell Perez
    Marcos Rosell Perez
  8. Morgan Tuohy
    Morgan Tuohy
  9. Monica Tarango-Nava
    Monica Tarango-Nava
  10. Nick Hauser
    Nick Hauser
  11. Nicole Garza
    Nicole Garza
  12. Talon Olofson
    Talon Olofson
  13. Vanessa Parsons
    Vanessa Parsons
  14. Vicky Ramirez
    Vicky Ramirez
  15. Vladimir Munoz
    Vladimir Munoz
  16. Zjhondre Trujillo
    Zjhondre Trujillo
  17. Lauren Ezell
    Lauren Ezell
  18. Leeann Deibert
    Leeann Deibert
  19. Margo Christensen
    Margo Christensen
  20. Alberto Flores
    Alberto Flores
  21. Ally Hartshorn
    Ally Hartshorn
  22. Crystal Rangel-Romero
    Crystal Rangel-Romero
  23. Gillian Valdez
    Gillian Valdez
  24. Jenna Kuhn
    Jenna Kuhn
  25. Larry Schneider
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  1. Alexis Applegate
    Alexis Applegate
  2. Alyx Van Doren
    Alyx Van Doren
  3. Andrew Trujillo
    Andrew Trujillo
  4. Carley Heath
    Carley Heath
  5. Giovany Chavez
    Giovany Chavez
  6. Jazmin Morales
    Jazmin Morales
  7. John Harper
    John Harper
  8. Jonah LaPorte
    Jonah LaPorte
  9. Kaitlin Baldwin
    Kaitlin Baldwin
  10. Kevin Ramos-Aguilar
    Kevin Ramos-Aguilar
  11. Logan Miller
    Logan Miller
  12. Lorena Luna
    Lorena Luna
  13. Michael Lobato
    Michael Lobato
  14. Miriam Wagoner
    Miriam Wagoner
  15. Steven Reed
    Steven Reed
  16. Taryn Richards
    Taryn Richards
  17. Victoria Torrez
    Victoria Torrez
  18. Tori Velasquez
    Tori Velasquez
  19. Monika Olesen
    Monika Olesen
  20. Morgan McNally
    Morgan McNally
  21. Owen Braley
    Owen Braley
  22. Shawn Sonka
    Shawn Sonka
  23. Shayna Laughton
    Shayna Laughton
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